Who are we?

Holy Land in Busuanga is the one and only eco-spiritual park and gardens in the province of Palawan, Philippines. This is a place expected to be frequented 365 days a year not only for spiritual cleansing and renewal but also for relaxation, beach work-outs, and holistic wellness. Inspired by the owner’s experience of receiving God’s intimate presence at the Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, California, Holy Land in Busuanga was intended to offer local folks and visitors a place of prayer especially during the Pandemic, providing rejuvenation and restoration of body and spirit in the most humble way.

Featured at this holy place are authentic wood carving images of Jesus in many postures: seated like a Judge, crucified as King, risen as triumphant Lord of all. Local artist, Rolando Jamito, also carved from wood a 3 foot tall sorrowful Mama Mary and a ten foot protector of the Holy Family, sleeping Saint Joseph. The owner / creator of this eco-spiritual park has been continuously praying for these wood-carved images to directly communicate to each visitor in a very spiritual and joyful way. The images, which are representing Jesus and His family, are meant to engage and transform the lives of every visitor as they return to their homes and communities.

Holy Land in Busuanga is an hour and a half road trip from the world renowned tourist destination, Coron, Palawan, and its famous World War II-era diving wrecks, shallow water coral reefs, and limestone landscape protecting crystal clear Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, and Barracuda Lake. By boat, Concepcion Diving Wrecks, Black Island, and Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary are approximately thirty to forty minutes away.

Meet the Owner


Alejandrea Magalong Klotzback, known to the Busuanganon as “Ate Sandra” is a registered nurse and devout Catholic who is passionate in serving her “kababayan,” the people of Busuanga Islands. With boxes of books shipped from San Diego, California she initiated the first ever library in Salvacion with Father Robert Amurao. The library is located in Salvacion Parish Church, starting from donating her children’s (Teresa and Steven) used books in their old home, followed by shipment of boxes of books to the Salvacion Elementary School library where her parents Joe and Sofia Magalong taught and filled up the library of Saint Augustine’s Academy, Coron, Palawan where she was an alumni.

For over thirty years, her ongoing ministries include shipments of boxes of used and new clothes/ shoes, backpacks, books and school supplies. Collaborating with Father Robert Amurao, her cousin Inchang Cadlaon Barracoso and Busuanga Holy Land Manager Kris Cervantes during the Hayan / Yolanda super typhoon, she was one of the first responders to feed the typhoon victims in the Busuanga Islands through donations from her generous friends around the globe. During the big fire in Coron, Palawan, in collaboration with her faith-filled, generous friends, they were able to feed all fire victims, giving each family a sack of rice, with the goal of “no family left behind”. This was distributed locally by another RN cousin, Rose Abe Borg.

Holy Land in Busuanga is Sandra’s ultimate offering to God, where she can be among her childhood friends “kababayan, kababata” during her retirement years, walk on the long stretched white sand beach, swim anytime of the day since it is her favorite sport and most especially where she is only few steps to commune with her Beloved God, serve the underprivileged and ultimately fulfill her mission to save at least one soul a day till her last breath.

Our Team

  • Alejandrea Magalong Klotzback


  • Crissanta “Kris” Vizcarra Cervantes


  • Cynthia “Inchang”Cadlaon Barracoso


  • Maria Fe Lagula


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